My First Day Of High School

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First Day of High School Starting high school is something everyone seems to be excited for. I had a different experience in 9th grade then most people I know. In 8th grade I did Online school and I decided that I wanted to go to my local high school for 9th grade. While I was doing online school in 8th grade I had lost all my friends so in 9th I was starting fresh and had a plan to somehow make friends. I started out the first day of school with the mindset that I was going to be a complete loner because everyone already had their set friend groups. At first, I was a loner but that ended up changing. The night before I picked out my outfit full of excitement, then it hit me… Where my old friends from 7th grade going to hang out and talk to me? Me being shy I would wait for them to start the conversation if I saw them in the halls or had a class with them. I tried texting my best friend from 7th grade prior to school starting but it was clear that we no longer had anything in common. I left it as that and I tried to prepare myself to be social. Spending a year being super anti-social to interacting with others everyday was going to be interesting. August 31st the very first day of my high school life, I woke up and was instantly super nervous. I got my previously picked out outfit on and headed out the door. When I arrived at the high school it was still dark out and there were kids all dressed up for the first day entering the school. I nervously began to open the door
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