My First Day Of High School

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The first day of High School. I have alway been so excited to start a new year, to buy new outfits, decided how I am going to do my nails and everything else that goes into getting ready for a brand new school year. This year it was different, I had a weird feeling that I have felt before. I was nervous, so nervous and scared to just start a new year of school. Well, the first day of school did not start off so well. The bus was running so late that my mom had to take me to school and obviously my brother and I was very late and my mom was pretty late to work too. As soon as I saw the school my heart started beating. I felt like it is about to run away, I know crazy but that was how scared I was. I walked into Crew and I skimmed the whole class. No one I knew, great. My crew teacher, Ms. Berry was very welcoming. She gave me my schedule and bus route paper and left. To be completely honest only one girl was welcoming, the rest kept to themselves and didn't talk at all. It was so awkward honestly, it felt like time will not pass by. Do not get me wrong I really liked Ms. Berry and she tried to break the ice, but no one was really cooperating. Anyways, moving on to my first period it was Student Leader. Just finding my way to class was crazy, everyone is walking in a different way and I could not even find my class until this upperclassman came up to me and asked if I was lost and showed me where the class is. To this moment, I am very thankful for his help. I walk into the class and see no one I know until I take another look and I saw my friend and man was I so happy. I thought I was going to be alone in this class, but I was not which made me feel great. The upperclassmen were pretty intimidating, but I came to the realization that most of them are pretty chill and nice and I actually started talking to them. Additionally, Ms. Ruetten was pretty cool too and nice I actually liked her. My next class was AP Human Geography, I was excited but pretty nervous. Ms.Thompson was so so much fun I liked her the absolute most so far. She was so funny and picked on her old kids which were so funny. She made me feel like I am going to like her class the most and that was going to be so easy. Next, I had Biology and Ms.

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