My First Day Of Math

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I am writing to you to talk about the complicated semester I have had in Math.

Our first day of math we talked about the Handshake Problem. We needed to figure out how many handshakes there would be in our class of sixteen students but we could not shake the same hands twice. Our class got in a circle began to model out the problem by shaking each other’s hand but then we had to figure out a formula. A common method that I have used throughout the whole semester is making a table. I made a table and was able to make the conclusion that the number of handshakes were increasing by counting numbers. By that time class had ended and for homework we needed to come up with a formula for this problem and reflect. When I first tried to find an equation for this problem is 16 x 15 = 240. This equation did not work because I was counting for shaking the same handshakes twice. If I would have divided it 240 by 2 I would have got 120 and that would have been the correct answer. After careful discuss, in class and out of class thinking our final conclusion was that the formula was n(n-1)/2. N is for the number of people that come into the room. N-1 is the one less hand the next person will have to shake from the previous person. This equation worked for any number of people that needed to shake hands. One of the goals of the class is to acquire numerous strategies for approaching and solving unfamiliar mathematical problems and the habits of posing new problems. My professor

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