My First Day Of My Birthday

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Thinking back on an event or a day that I would entitle the best day of my life was more of a challenge because to me I feel I had so many, but there was this one day that kept haunting my brain, not letting me suppress it. The memory of my 16th birthday. Now I know you may wonder why I choose this particular day to be my top choice out my 17 years of life, but it was just something about this time that makes it different than any other ordinary day.

It all started early morning on the twenty-sixth day of May 2016, when my mom came into my room and sung to me the “black version” of the birthday song. After, listening and laughing at her belt out her high notes for a song that is primarily sung in a low to medium
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As I was observing my new phone, my eyes started to become full of tears of joy, because I was asking for this gift for the longest but she would never budge to buy it for me, not knowing she was just waiting for the perfect time to give to me. At this point my day could not get any better than this. Still yet, her work wasn’t done! She rushed me out of the house and drove two hours and 32 minutes to be exact towards our destination, Myrtle Beach. On our ride there we did your normal car dues such as karaoke where we would assign each other’s parts to sing, we even took pleasure at laughing at people’s facial expressions as they passed by. There was also a point when we participated in a stoplight race, which by the way was 100 percent safe, because we just wanted to see whose car had the fastest takeoff.

Now that we were just an hour away from where we were going we stopped at a little corner store on the edge of Tuberville to gas up and buy some snacks since we were getting hungry. As I was walking towards the store with $30.00 in hand, I saw a little glare from the ground. Nearing the suspicious flash, I bent down and right beside the broken glass was $200.00
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