My First Day Of My Foundation

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My first day of my foundation of college success class I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Everything happen so quick in the past few days. I was excepted the 3 days before the first day of class, I had to get almost every paper that has something to do with my personal info and health in order to attend school and also didn’t get get a chance to go college shopping. I was the last person to enroll for classes, my advisor told me I belice it was maditory for all freshmens to take a fcs class there first semester. My first day of classes the first thing I honestly thought about was im not in a school filled with friends im going to be sitting in a class filled with people I never met before so I was abit axious. I thought my professor was a bit crazy, she was very energetic hopping around class. As the weeks go by I started getting use to her teaching style she reminded me off my high school U.S history teacher Mr. Costello. Theres teaching style Is sot of similar. No matter whats the topic they’re teaching they know how to connect to their students and want their students to actually learn instead of the information going 1 ear out the other.

Professor fowl class taugh me a lot of things that can helped find my inner self. Coming into college i was at a all time low with my self cofience. I knew I was going to be surrounded by a bunch of new people and had to start over with everyting. I had to build a whole new reputation and learn how to keep and defend
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