My First Day Of My High School Career

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Leadership Autobiography Leaders aren’t born, but trained. Leaders aren’t elected, but developed. Life-long leadership comes from working on oneself in specific ways to better himself/herself so that he/she may attain their goal or that of their higher up leader. My story of this life-long process starts on the first day of my High School career. I sit in my first class of the day and a tall, demanding man marches into the room with a presence that sweep your attention not with whimsical beauty, but with respect and dignity. Commander Starr marches into our presence demanding no less than every ounce of my first day’s jitters and focus. There was nothing else in this room than his presence and his omnipresent voice that enveloped me. I…show more content…
Inspecting their knowledge as if my life depended on it. Every one of my elements, cadets, were perfect. There is nothing that could possibly go wrong. I had worked for months for this very moment. The Commanding Officer halted in front of me. “Platoon! Attention!” I growled out from the inner depths of my being. The nerves shot through my body and were expelled on the last syllable of attention and the sound of the platoon’s heels cracking together in unison removed all doubt in me. I was ready. The inspection began and as we continued nothing held us back from pure, undefiled success. I was a good leader. I was successful. As the inspection came to a conclusion I stood before my platoon and sounded off, “Inspection complete!” The Commanding Officer marched away. I turned my head and for the final order I resounded in the silent arena, “At, ease!” The crisp sound of relief filled my presence. Success was in the air and it was all because of me. This frame of mind and leadership style gets results. One man show can only produce success for so long. One day this style will fail you, but before that day came upon me something changed. As my life had progressed from my foundation being placed in the wise words of Commander Starr to this new servant model of leadership. Jesus showed me what being a leader really means. My style of leadership went from being the top dog to being a behind the scenes worker. I was promoted to Chaplin my senior
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