My First Day Of My Life : My Experience In Middle School

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Looming in front of me was something new, a fresh start. Despite being this, it seemed cold and trying, something that sent shivers down my spine. Mixed emotions of uncertainty and optimism had filled my first day of middle school; and as my final year is drawing to a close, I realize that this place-this transitional time in my life- is something that I never want to leave. I created a home away from home, and a family, over the short three years spent learning here. Each school year, from first to concluding, brought new experiences in which have altered my life. These are the things that I am hoping to carry over into high school-my next chapter. Every experience in which middle school has brought leaves me changed indefinitely, shaped for the future ahead. The first year, the time to prove myself had arrived. Classes, rooms, teachers, and some students were unfamiliar. Eventually, minutes melted into hours, hours to days, and days to weeks. It didn’t take long before my schedule was routine, something of second nature. Humor and happiness were found in the form of my advisory family, where school was transformed into something more than going through the same motions of day to day activity. By the closing point of sixth grade, I was having a hard time letting go of what I’d adapted to. “What’s wrong?” my dad asked when I was getting into the car after being picked up early on the last day. I explained how distressed I was that my first year of middle school exceeded my expectations, and that it had to come to an end. Although his outlook viewed my reason for sorrow as trivial, I didn’t. Second year arrived within the seemingly shortest time I could imagine. Reuniting with my friends, I was determined that even if my advisory had somewhat changed, I would make the most out of my year. “I still feel like a first year,” I told my friend-Selena-multiple times, receiving a chuckle in response. New first years were streaming the school, and I began to feel a new responsibility. This responsibility buzzed in my mind like a bee until carried out. I was now a leader. Although the opportunity was a somewhat rare occurrence, I took every chance with a great pride that warmed me from my head to toes. Yet, this

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