My First Day Of School

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Throughout my life I experienced a lot of firsts: first words, first steps, first day of school, but nothing could ever prepare me for my first time in sin city. Out of all the places in the world that I wish to explore, I chose to visit the legendary, Las Vegas. My friends and I wanted to voyage out to this magnificent city, since it was the last summer before our senior year. The night before, my friends and I were too busy to sleep. We were planning and packing, so we would have everything ready for the next day. Even if we wanted to sleep the excitement was too much to bare and we just could not keep our eyes shut. I was excited to see how the colorful city looked in person and how it felt to be in another state. Seeing as it was everyone’s first time in Vegas, we were determined to make the trip memorable. The over three-hour drive was long and exhausting, but we managed to keep ourselves entertained with our big Suburban packed with suitcases and four giggling teenage girls. We blasted R&B music in the car, and ate so many Hot Cheetos that my stomach started to twirl. We just lived in the moment. Before any of us knew it, we were finally in Las Vegas. When we arrived it was an amazing sight to see. The illuminating lights of the huge buildings gave me a rush of excitement, knowing I was free to explore this new place. We had a room reserved at the luxurious MGM Grand. As we waited for the bellboy to check us into our rooms we received awful news that they had

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