My First Day Of School Essay

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We met during our second last year of high school. Back then, I had transferred to Richmond High from my old school, Churchill, to study in the IB program they offered. I was quite looking forward to it, actually. I felt that the past years of my life had been wasted on social life and boys who just disappointed me at the end. Moving to a new school was a way to break free, to start anew and focus on something different for a change. Studies. That’s right, I was going to focus on studies. Plus, I had quite a few close friends who were going to be there, and that made it even better. The first day of school had been fun. I had some classes with the people I was familiar with. Even the morning classes didn’t sound so bad, since my best friends were in there. Lucy Sun and Anna Zhang were among the reasons of why I had wanted to transfer. The three of us had known each other since a young age. They might have been a little crazy back then, but awesome none the same. They were the friends I would never want to let go of. They were best friends as well, though it seemed unlikely. Those two were as different as two people can get. Lucy was slim, with a small figure and a pretty face to match. She had short hair back then, and the locks barely reached her shoulders. She dressed the way Korea or Asian girls would dress, delicate and feminine. She took great interest in hair styles and sometimes complained about how her short hair didn’t allow her to wear the style she wanted.

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