My First Day Of School

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Imagine this. It’s the end of summer, you’re five years old, and you start your day off with a two mile walk in the heat. Finally, you get to the small, one room schoolhouse, and it has no air conditioning. Everyone around you is so much taller than you, meaning they are probably a lot older than you as well. The teacher looks at you and tells you to take a seat, but all you want to do is turn around and be anywhere else but there. Seems a little scary, right? Well this is how my grandma’s first day of school went. This is nothing like a typical first day of school for kids now. For my first day, I was a four years old. I didn’t walk, my mom drove me and I was so excited to get there. The room was colorful, and all the kids looked like they were the same age as me. When I walked in the teacher had a smile on her face and said I could go play with the other kids until it was time to start class. That’s not so scary. So, why are the school day experiences so different from the 1950s as compared to now?
School Systems in the 1950s-1960s
According to Bill Ganzel’s article, “Education in Rural America,” most schools across the United States in the 1950s were very small, one room houses, with no more than 20 kids attending each school. These buildings were the central place for public events in the area because it was one of the only buildings available to the public and the community. This is because schools got the largest percent of local taxes at this time. Each school…

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