My First Day Of School Essay

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As I wake up, I can sense that the day is bright. The sun is shining bright through my room window. I feel as if I slept beautifully that night. As my eyes adjust to the brightness and I look at my clock to see how much time I have to catch the bus. The clock isn 't working. Apparently last night there was a power surge or something for the lights are just blinking at "12:00". I go out of my room ready to see my mother making breakfast like she always has. "Mom?" I said to the kitchen. She wasn’t there. This isn 't common, my first day of eighth grade and my mom isn 't here to make breakfast. Maybe she left for her job early. Yet I see a note in the fridge. "Last night there was a power surge, I was going to wake you up but you were dead asleep, so I let you sleep in. I hope all goes well on your first day of school! Love, mom." "Wait... If she wasn’t late for her job, that means." I said to myself. I knew what was going on. As I rush to my room to find my cell phone and see what time it is, my worst fear happened. I had missed the bus and only had 10 minutes for school to start. "How will I even get to school?" I asked myself. Suddenly I heard a door slam from the house next to me. As I see my neighbor and his sisters getting ready to leave for the first day of school I rush to open the door. "Wait! Jexavier! Wait!" I shouted at him. He looks surprised. "I thought you were taking the bus..." he asked me confused. "Yes, so did I, but apparently last nights power

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