My First Day Of School

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I woke up alarmed and breathing heavy. Fear was coursing through my veins. Was it from the recurring nightmare I had for the past week or what was to come that day? I didn't know. Both seemed pretty bad to me and I wished neither of them would have to happen, but they did. That day I had my first day of school. I wouldn't mind if it would have been the year before, this year was different though. This past summer was the hardest thing I've done. I had to say goodbye to everything. My friends, my home, everything that ever made me happy. The only thing that I brought with me was my very precisely chosen wardrobe of cool toned shirts and expensive bottoms and my old and useless cat Luna. Our new house was on the edge of town, the richer…show more content…
This scared me. New house, new school, new friends. And walking in the school for the first time couldn't have gone worse. Black. That was all I could remember after getting off the bus and reaching the entrance where I read the big nicely printed words on the front of the building. They read “Eastwood Middle School”. I can remember it so clearly even though I had gone unconscious about half a second later. This had only seemed like something out of a cheesy movie, but I promise it happened. So I spent most of my first day in the nurse's office. For me it was better than a classroom.

Softball practice was that night. I wanted to go, which surprised me. Even though I hated new things, a new softball team sounded nice. My old team consisted of all my friends, I know you are probably wondering “If she has all her friends on her team, why would she want a new one?”. But I was one of the only ones who actually cared about the sport and playing it well. Me and my friend Anna would stay after school and play catch and bat for hours on end. We were the best players on our team for sure, but two couldn't make much of a difference against a whole team of good players. We lost all of our games. Every. Single. One. So now I was more then ready for a new team. All I had to do now was convince my mom to take me, and that wouldn't be that hard. My mom gives in very easily, unlike my dad. They look almost the same, and just like

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