My First Day Of School

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It is six thirty in the morning while helping my grandmother to remove all the excess water of the newly boiled young corn; I heard my cousins and other students outside while they are passing our house to get to school. It seems they are very excited on the first day of school. And here I am with my grandmother helping her to prepare the corn to sell at the public market in our small town in the province of Cagayan.
I know and I can feel the excitement of the students but at the same time I cannot stop but felt pity on myself. Tears started to run through my face while I squeez each corn to take out the water and try to hide it from mamang (My grandma). Only then I realize and ask myself where my parents are? I’m thinking that if only they are here with me then maybe I will be going to school too just like all the other students in our neighborhood.
“Hurry up my dear before the sun is up”. My grandmother said.
“Alright mamang, just three more left to go and I’m done”. I replied with a soft voice so she couldn’t tell that I am crying.
“Here you go mamang it is all packed and ready to go”.
And I quickly run to our room to change my clothes and get ready. I look inside the cabinet where my clothes are and try to find my nicest clothes to wear. I don’t have many clothes and they are all old. I remember having new clothes only when my cousin from Manila (Philippines capital city) is coming for vacation because she used to give me all her unwanted clothes. Then I grab one white…

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