My First Day Of School

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I remember the day so vividly, like it was yesterday. My family and I lived in a small, two story house, in the middle of town. I woke up that morning, for my very first day of school. I got out of bed and walked past my little brothers room, then past my parents and to the bathroom. I showered, brushed my and then my teeth. I walked back to my room and got ready for my first day of school. I had just turned three and my mom wanted to put me in preschool right away. I walked down the spiral staircase, ( my favorite part of the house). When I got down stairs my mom was making breakfast. My little sisters and brother awake, with my mom down stairs waiting for me. My younger brother and sister were waiting at the table for me. My mom set down my other little sister in her playpen. She then came to the kitchen, and gave me and my little sister and brother are breakfast. My mom asked me if I was ready for my first day of school and I said yes. I was so excited for that day. My siblings and I ate are breakfast, then we went outside to wait for the bus to pick me up. It was a quite chilly day. The wind was blowing that day. And the old weeping willow tree was swaying in the wind. The back yard had a wooden fence around it. And the front had a wire fence around it. The bus finally came to get me. As I walked to get on the bus my sister and brother waved goodbye. My best friend and I walked to the buys together. The bus was a little one, only about five seats. It was yellow and had stickers all over it, very colorful.
When my friend and I got on the bus, we sat next to each other. The bus stopped at a couple more stops. Finally after being on the bus for what felt like a decade, we were at the school. My friend and I walked into school together, very excited. There was a little P.E. room and a hallway full of doors. The walls were covered in paintings and drawings. My friend and I walked into the classroom. We were greeted with open arms. The teachers showed us around. Then we went and put are things away. There were many shelves full of books. There were a couple tables and chairs.
Then it was time time learn. We all sat in a circle around the whiteboard and learned our ABC’s and

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