My First Day Of School

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It’s August 18th, the first day of school. Many children are not as eager to start classes, as they are to catch up with classmates after the summer. Students then begin to leave the courtyard and explore the route to their first class; memories of last year’s terrible lunch menus resurface, and schedules are then eagerly exchanged amongst friends in effort to revel in the success of the perfect schedule. Generally, first period comes equipped with the perfect group of friends, the easiest course, and most importantly, the laziest “pushover” teacher. Unfortunately, for students assigned to her classroom, this first day of school will leave a lasting impression on the minds of 30 multicultural/diverse students in tenth grade English. She opens her classroom door; the new 10th grade teachers’ walls are covered with things to look at, things to provoke inspiration. She provides an introduction, one of her person, as well as one of her classroom’s conduct and expectations; the new tenth grade teacher then asks a student to volunteer sitting in her eclectically upholstered Indian fabric bearing chair in the middle of the classroom,and with an impressionable smile says, “your turn”.
Being a new teacher in the halls of a high school can be frightening; what should I wear, should my outfit provoke fear or fun? How will they think of me, my class; how will I keep everyone’s attention? Should I try to be funny? After week one of being accustomed to the bright faces assigned

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