My First Day Of Student Teaching

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Going into my first day of student teaching at Carl Renton Jr. High in New Boston was nerve wrecking. I’ll be completely honest that I was scared and had trouble sleeping the night before. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the students or staff. I had a hard time finding a placement and this was a last minute placement right before Christmas break. I had only met the teacher Mrs. Potts one time and didn’t really know her either. I am also in a general education classroom, and a lot of my pre student teaching experiences and what I feel most comfortable in is in special education settings with special education students. The first couple of days were a very difficult time for me. My first period is a plan period and second and fifth is science which Mrs. Potts teaches. The health classes are taught during third, fourth, and sixth period. Fourth period is also co-taught with the special education teacher Mrs. Cook. The first day was nerve wrecking Mrs. Potts introduced me to all of the students during each period and all the kids seem like they are well behaved but they were very talkative the first couple days since coming back from break. Mrs. Potts taught all the lessons for the first day and I just observed and looked over the lessons and curriculum. The unit that the class is working on is mental health and emotions. The first day I also got the tutorial on how to take attendance and use the grade book. I had several teachers I have worked with in the past text me
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