My First Day Of Technical Writing Class

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Elizabeth Taylor Tech Writing Mrs. Visser Interview paper Introduction Before the first day of Technical writing class, I thought it would be one of those classes that were required to take; classes that would reinstate what previous English classes, high school and freshmen year, taught. As the year progressed, I slowly started to realize that technical writing was so much integrated in everyday life. I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I aspire to one day become a serial or forensic psychologist. Forensic psychology is the use of psychology within the justice system; merging the principles of psychology and the law. The tasks of forensic psychologist include determining whether the defendant was in a sane state of mind when he/she committed the crime. Evaluation reports, test reports, and interviews are among the forms of technical writing in the forensic Psychologist/ Specialist career field. The study in forensic psychology is very vast and is divided into different areas including clinical forensic psychology, criminal investigation, development, and cognitive. The course provides strong foundation in biological, physical, mathematical sciences and other relevant fields of forensic studies like forensic biology, forensic entomology etc. I chose to interview Doctor Richard Schmitt, a 30 year Depression, Trauma and PTSD, and Forensics-Criminal & Child Custody, and clinical veteran specialist working in his own psychology firm. I do not

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