My First Day Of The Class Essay

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When I was updating my Fall quarter schedule, I was not sure whether or not I should take another class, since I knew all three of my classes would be challenging. Because of that, if ever I decided to take fourth class, I wanted a class that would be easy, fun, and enjoyable. I also wanted a class that would help me raise my GPA and help me fulfill some of my elective units. Upon scrolling through my options, I came across Education 001: Imagining Teaching Education. Looking at the overview I thought to myself, “This shouldn’t be too bad. It’s an introduction on how to teach, it’s only 2 units, and we would only meet once a week. How hard can this class get?!” Without a doubt, I registered to this class thinking it will be an easy A. The first day of the class was indeed fun and I was positive about my decision in enrolling to the class.
However, all of my assumptions took a detour downhill after I attended weeks two and three of the class. From then, I realized that this class is not the typical “two unit, easy A” class, rather it was more of a “work hard for it to get an A” class. I struggled in the beginning of the course. Although I would do all the readings required for the week, my reading questions did not seem to reflect that because of the unsatisfied scores I would get. Honestly, this class stressed me out; especially knowing that it is only a 2-unit course, but the amount of workload and the stress it was providing me seemed like it was a 4-unit class. Because
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