My First Day Of Work At The Twin Towers

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“Come on, hurry up!” I told Katy, my best friend, as we walked along the industrialized streets of New York. “We can’t be late for our first day of work!” I continued to yammer. I might have been a bit annoying, but I had a reason to rush her. It was our first day of work at the Twin Towers. I was so excited! Plus, my dear husband worked in the same building. Well not quite, he worked on the seventy-seventh floor, while I worked on the first floor. Everything was as I imagined it would be. I was a waitress in 2001, but my goal was to be a restaurant manager someday. It was like it was the start of a fairy-tale. I couldn’t believe it. My dreams of working at the Twin Towers had finally come true. When we arrived at the entrance of the…show more content…
Trust me, I survived it! They make you put all your paraphernalia into these little boxes and push them through a series of scanners. When you think it is all over, they confiscate your personal belongings. There are also cameras everywhere making sure everyone is safe. I trusted that if something happened to me, the security staff will eventually find out. While I was putting utensils into a plastic container I sensed something suspicious. The workers were all talking when all of a sudden a large screeching noise filled the room. The lights started to flicker, and eventually they shut off completely. The restaurant was pitch black. A chill went through my spine. I had one fear— darkness. The restaurant floor was covered with tile, so it cooled down very quickly. We huddled around the burners in the kitchen to keep warm. A loud voice on the intercom informed us that we needed to evacuate immediately due to a plane that crashed into the north building. I wondered about the details of the crash. I’m sure it was an accident, or was it? I didn’t wonder long though, all I knew was that something terrible was taking place, and that I was scared. I started to rush out of the restaurant. When I was out of the restaurant, all I could see through the smoke was metal plane parts raining down from the heavens. I looked for Katy on my way to the south buildings where my husband worked. Katy was nowhere to be found. I
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