My First Day - Original Writing

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I don’t remember kindergarten all that well. However I do remember the first day. I remember feeling excited and nervous, even enthusiastic to get on a big yellow bus and head off to school. I practically ran as fast as my little legs carried me to get to the bus stop. Soon I got on the big yellow bus, surprised it stunk like an old tennis shoe. This was not at all like how the television shows I grew up watching portrayed school buses. Fifteen minutes later we pulled up to the yellow brick building, also known as North Park. Our teachers stood waiting for us in the circle driveway, and soon we started heading down the long hallways of North Park. As we turned a corner I came face to face with what seemed like, to my six year old self a ginormous knight. My imagination soon started running wild with thoughts of knights fighting deadly dragons to save their princess.
Before I knew it we entered our classroom. Our teacher told us to find our name and sit down at our desk. On our desks sat a pencil box full of crayons, pencils, and erasers ready for us to use. Miss Renee, our teacher, soon got up and gave us a tour of the classroom. Reces, the funnest part of the day, consisted of me meeting new friends.

Before I knew it we grabbed our backpacks and started following our teacher out the door. I loved the bus on the way to school but seeing all of the other kids going to catch their buses made me nervous. I was terrified that I was going to get on the wrong bus and never…

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