My First Day - Original Writing

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As I stepped out of the car, the ice wind hit me in the face. The wind stung my face. I walked towards the school nervously, not knowing what my fate was. I opened the glass and steel door to school. It was my first day that the school knew I was gay.

I was in the seventh grade at the time when everyone is going threw that weird stage in life when you don’t know your place is in life. I was more lost and confused then ever. At the beginning of the year I was still in my homophobic stage, and . I was hating myself more than anyone ever could, but, if you want to know the whole story thean we have to go to the beginning.

For asAs long as I could remember I always knew that I was gay. As a kid I just thought everyone was like that, Iwe just dated girls because that 's what myour parents did, and everyoneand, everyone wanted to be like their dad or mom at that ageat the time. During that time, I felt likethat I was quite the lady killer at a young age, I could make friends with everyone and their mother easily. I dated girls that I thought were just cool to hang out, most of them acted like guys looking back at it when I think about it. I never had anything serious during that age yet, neither did anyone else.

I was a good at school, I had lots of friends, and had more Spaghetti O 's and Kid Quisen thanthen any kid could ever wantone one kid to eat. I stayedted that way untiluntiell about second grade,. tThat’s when my true calling came to me:, Wrestling. I always played…

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