My First Day

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I never imagine of going to school the next day because I would imagine putting myself in other people place from being from a different school and going all the way to the East Noble Middle School to be in 7th grade. I imagine being by myself on the first day because I know that my friends will just leave me alone on the first. I never seen 7th grade coming so fast to me i was just a kid in grade school first but now I am walking in my dreams to the school where I found myself alone and no one there with me.

It was a bright and sunny day, I just got off the bus and walk into the doors, where I was alone and terrified girl, thought I would get picked on, and made fun of but that didn’t happen. I walked down the hall to get to Mr.Vaught’s room, I walk into the classroom and it was dead silent no one was talking they were all just staring at each other, then the bell rang loudly and we had to do a paper for to get to know you, like we do when it is a new year because we have new people in the middle school that doesn’t know are names.

So I had fun getting to know all the students in my class even Kyle because he had a lot of things about him that could be argued. We all pack up early because Mr. Vaught said if we get done with his paper we can pack up early and just sit and talk for the rest of the time. Then the roaring bell rang for the next class to go to.

The next boring day, but it was even harder today because we had three papers

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