My First Day at George Brown College

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On the first day walking in that door feeling: scared, nerviness, and open-minded. On my first day at George Brown College walking with confident and excited in the program Career and Work Counselling. The program I always dreamed of being in. One of my classes I have got is called Overview of Career and Work Counselling. Overview of Career and Work Counselling, what it is about, what are we going to learn about and how is this class going to help us in the field as a counsellor? This class teaches me about the history of counselling, and how to counsellor client in a different way. On the first day in overview of Career and Work Counselling class questions in mind like what are we going to learn about? Well we are going to learn about a…show more content…
You want the session to be useful for you and the clients, because you are trying to help the client get a job and by yes and no answer you will get nothing. As Career and Work Counselling you want the client to talk as much as possible because the more you know about them the fast you can start helping them. So that is why it is important to learning about the counselling skills, so you are able to help the clients, with many different skills. Know the most important counselling skills like open-ending questioning. Open questioning is to help the client to be open with the answering and to help keep the session move forward. Another one is reflecting on feeling, this skill helps us reflect on the feeling the client has. Example the client say “I feel sad today” the counsellor say “you feel unhappy today why”. So you want the client to talk and understand what feeling there are having we understand. Overall there are many different counselling skills we have learned and it will help us in the field of Career and Work Counselling. Knowing these skills are very important because we have to understand what skills is need when a client is feeling sad or happy or when client doesn’t know what to answers. Therefore know the different skills I learned I have start to use them in my personal life because I think it will help me in the
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