My First Dog 's Death

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Whether it was a close friend, family, or even a pet, everybody has lost something they loved. I lost my first dog when I was 11 years old. I hated every moment of my life and never wanted to do anything. I never thought I could lose something I loved at such a young age. Losing my dog changed me personally, and how I saw things around me. I never thought my whole world could end until my dog’s death. His name was Sabre, he was a German Shepherd. Sabre was a retired K9 police dog at the time and he was declining in health. He was 13 years old and had horrible hip dysplasia. He started having trouble getting up to go for walks and as time past he could barely get up to go outside and use the bathroom. As he started to get worse and worse my mom and dad started getting skeptical about whether he was going to make it much longer. After a few weeks of Sabre struggling to get up, sit down, use the bathroom and more my father decided to put him down. I completely disagreed with that decision. We argued multiple times about the subject. My dad would say “You don 't want him to suffer do you?” “He 's not suffering, how would you like it if i just decided to kill you!” I retorted. Our arguments would just loop around to me not wanting to put him down and my parents deciding to put him down. I did not want to acknowledge how you could see him limp and see his hips give out when he walked and how you could hear him whine when the dysplasia was acting up. On Sabre’s last
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