My First Drink - Original Writing

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Chapter One

It has been about month since I had my first drink ever. It was also Cairo’s first time having a drink, but she handled it much better than I did. I don’t remember what happened after my first four drinks. I do remember waiting up in a guestroom though, stripped to my panties and bra.

“Aidan.” I can hear Haley call. I wish I wasn’t awake, but I’ve been sick for a day. I have managed to keep it a secret from Al, Aidan, Haley, Paul, and Sebby though. “Al!” comes next and then my name, and I stumble out from the bathroom. “Are you okay, Blue? You don’t look very good.” Haley notes, as I make my way into the kitchen.

Today is Christmas Eve, I realize as I nod and pour myself a cup of coffee. I add a tiny bit of milk into the coffee before sipping it. What normally tastes good to me now tastes like absolute shit. I do my best to keep bile from coming up, and I do a good job, since Mom doesn’t realize I’m feeling sick. I finish my coffee before reaching for my cell phone. I notice that I have gotten a text from my girlfriend, Cairo.

Cairo Cabot: Hey Baby, I was wondering, do you want to come over to my house today? Before three? FYI, our families are getting together for Christmas at your house. There is going to be the Winchesters, my family, the Cohens, the Clarks, and Caleb Hayes over at your house. I got the info from Elisia, who texted me this morning.

I smile, reading the text she had sent me. I quickly type back my reply.

Jessie D’Cruz: Yeah. Okay, I’ll…

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