My First Drink - Original Writing

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Chapter One

It has been about month since I had my first drink ever. It was also Cairo’s first time having a drink, but she handled it much better than I did. I don’t remember what happened after my first four drinks. I do remember waiting up in a guestroom though, stripped to my panties and bra.

“Aidan.” I can hear Haley call. I wish I wasn’t awake, but I’ve been sick for a day. I have managed to keep it a secret from Al, Aidan, Haley, Paul, and Sebby though. “Al!” comes next and then my name, and I stumble out from the bathroom. “Are you okay, Blue? You don’t look very good.” Haley notes, as I make my way into the kitchen.

Today is Christmas Eve, I realize as I nod and pour myself a cup of coffee. I add a tiny bit of milk into the
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It’s only eight, and I have to run to the store. But yeah, I will be over then.

Although my reply is short, I know Cairo won’t mind. After I finish texting Cairo, I go back up to my room to shower quickly, so I can dress up a bit nicely for Christmas Eve. After I brush my hair and pull it into a braid, I get dressed in a nice pair of Jolt jeggings and white socks with Santas on them. My top is a T-shirt that is white with a big Santa on the front. Before I leave the house, I put on my back Vans and my black sweater that I got as a birthday present in July when I turned fifteen.

I walk to the house next door, which belongs to Elisia Winchester. I want her to drive me to Walgreens, because I am out of womanly products. I don’t have my license yet, which is sad. Why couldn’t I be born a year earlier than I was? I knock on the door and a two-year-old Raun Winchester and her mother Casey Warbler.

“Hello Jessica. How are you today?” Casey asks, as I lean against the door. I shrug, as a reply. “Do you want me to get Elisia? She’s upstairs, painting.” Casey says, and I nod. Casey picks up Raun and walks upstairs, to Elisia’s room, I’m guessing. In a moment, Elisia herself is standing in front of me, a big smile on her face.

“So, what are you doing here, Blue? Do you need me to drive you somewhere?” Elisia asks and I nod, giving my first friend here in NYC a small smile.

“Yeah. I need you to take me to the pharmacy. I need to buy pads for Haley and
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