My First Experience At Bridgetown Church

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My first experience at Bridgetown church was very long overdue and very interesting. Most all of my friends and family all have been inviting me to Bridgetown specifically because they all really enjoy a specific pastor there that speaks on Sunday services. I never saw the need to go, mainly because of my night shifts are scheduled so oddly I was afraid of falling asleep at a religious sermon that I was not interested in embarrassing myself at and also not wanting to go out of my way to attend something that I was not particularly interested in. Bluntly writing I did not want to waste my time to go to something I wasn’t very excited about, especially when I do not know what to expect. This assignment did give the opportunity a bigger reason and I am glad to have been able to make such an insightful visit that I may not mind trying again in the near future. The Bridgetown church service gathers in a historical Portland church that has beautiful architecture, called the First Baptist Church. Located on SW 11th and Taylor Street almost in the heart of downtown Portland. I went to the very last service of three, given every Sunday, held at 7pm, known for young adults because of its close location to Portland State University. The fact that there are three services given in one day was very shocking to me, that a community of people would devote to doing the same exact thing three times once a week seems very time consuming and loyal to me. The certain Sunday that I attended
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