My First Experience At Regent 's University London

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My first experience of Global Perspectives was in the lecture hall where we did anonymous voting. It was really interesting to me, seeing that so many people actually had the same opinion as me in the many aspects in which we voted on. I noticed that every person had a different back story, since we all come from so many different countries around the world. Someone felt very strongly about allowing refugees into countries because it hit home with them, and it’s amazing to see someone else’s perspective in that way. I think the way I come off with help from others around me will broaden my horizons, and will broaden their views too. I hope that in my time at Regent’s University London I develop globally, seeing that it is such a global university. I think that is a universal trait that can be used in any career field. It makes sense to me to realize, and to learn about the different perspectives people have from all over the world because it is important to our future. I obviously hope to learn a lot here, to make global connections, and develop more skills within Fashion Marketing with hope to land a job in New York City once I graduate in three years. I hope to go back to my home country with perspectives that will help me to see things open minded and objectively before coming to a conclusion. I hope that others will be able to learn from my journey too. It was interesting to go over many controversial discussions. A discussion that was very interesting to me, was “Cake

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