My First Experience On Wordpress

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During the course of this module I became familiar with a plethora of interfaces including WordPress, ImgFlip, Giphy, Instagram, and Buzzfeed. With each interface, I had to adapt my own knowledge and understanding to find success within it. Interfaces are rather diverse. These are the programs in which people navigate through in the digital world. WordPress is an interface people can utilize to develop a website revolving around their own interests and ideas. This all gets a little more complicated when we throw Interface Literacy into the mix. Interface Literacy is the ability to take any previous understanding and know-how you may have to successfully develop that amongst a multitude of other mediums.

During the class, we had to take what we learned about certain genres and interfaces and created blog posts on WordPress to discuss those ideas. This was my first experience on this site. Truthfully, I was intimidated by this interface. It took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to discard that sample blog post they give to every new user. After that, it took another 20 minutes to figure out how to post my first blog effectively. Don’t even ask me how I figured out how to change the theme of my site. I’m still not entirely sure how it worked out. Despite all of these mishaps, I struggled through and successfully posted the five required blogs for the module. Interface literacy begins with what you already know, but it develops with the struggle through
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