My First Experience When I Came To America

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The day I stepped off the plane and landed in America, I knew that I’d have to face a great challenge. Being a first generation immigrant from Vietnam, I would have to learn English as quickly as possible. Although I’ve arduously prepared for this transition by learning basic vocabulary and grammar in my native country, I quickly realized that my practical aspect of using the language such as listening, conversing, pronunciation to be insufficient. By immersing myself in an English-speaking world, I finally addressed my lingual deficiency within a year.
I’ve found that my experiences laboring through three year of medical school to be surprisingly similar to learning another language. Being surrounded by patients, physicians and nurses at the beginning of my 3rd year, I quickly realized the vast amount of clinical knowledge that I have yet to master. Consequently, I found that my learning rate is nowhere quicker than on the
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By interviewing and performing a physical exam on patients, I gained a deeper level of understanding of the natural history of many diseases. I remembered how one of my patient immediately showing me his urine and back pain when we first met. As he mentioned that he fell in his bathroom recently the night before, I felt as if I was putting together the last piece of a puzzle. His urine analysis further confirms my diagnosis of rhabdomyolysis. After reading up on the disease, I know that I will remember what I have learned for a very long time. With the advent of our current information technology, I believe that there has never been a better time to learn, practice and contribute to our vast body of knowledge that is evidence-based medicine. I have an inquisitive mind; and as I physician I will strive to provide the best care possible for my patients using my own knowledge as well as my colleagues and those who had come
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