My First Experience With Peer Leading

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My first experience with peer leading was loud, overly peppy, and terrifying. I walked into the small cafe, completely unaware of what I was about to encounter. I had heard the rumors; the getting out of class, “the walk”, and the considerable amount of candy I would receive. As I went through the whole process of finding out my group, I realized the next few hours would be filled with complete strangers supposedly telling me how to survive high school. I scanned the two cafeterias, looking for a sign that was said to say “Micky Mouse”, or something of that nature. Once I found it, I warily dragged my feet over, forcing the smile I knew I should have on. Once I had made it through the seemingly perilous trek to that cafeteria table, I was…show more content…
Coming in as a freshman can be thrilling or insanely nerve wracking. Whatever emotions the ninth graders may feel, I want to be the one to tell them that it is completely normal. One of the biggest pressures of high school is the incessant need to feel like you “fit in”. As humans, we are biologically created to adapt. Fitting in is an understandable desire, but once we realize we can overcome that biological tendency, that is when it is possible to live life. It may have taken me years to realize that, but both Makayla and Matt helped me to finally be in a place I was content being in. I am extremely eager to also be one of those people. I am constantly looking for new experiences, especially ones where I can use my skills and challenge myself. As a peer leader, I would be able to use my insight and ambition to create the best possible atmosphere for incoming freshman. Knowing what it is like to feel so overwhelmed with the hubbub of high school, I could take what I have learned from my peer leaders and my personal experiences to show the more reserved people how great it can be to spread your wings a little farther. When given a challenge, I am always determined to be successful. It has been this way since I was five, and it has remained a constant part of who I am. I consider this a strength of mine, along with the other experiences I have had in leadership positions. I am currently a
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