My First Experience With Politics Essay

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My first experience with politics was during the 2008 Presidential election. At that time I felt very strongly for Mitt Romney and was deeply saddened by his defeat. Because of this loss, I vowed to take the powers vested in me by the Constitution to make sure the US does not elect Obama, making the same mistake. He is a mistake because I consider him a failure. He has decreased the value of life for many citizens and ruined America’s healthcare system. I have become educated about current events as well as followed the political campaigns, to which I hope will be evident in the next section.

Being an informed voter, I would like to talk about the issues facing our nation as well as offer a comparison of the current candidates for President, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I will also outline the issues facing the United States which I find important and give a brief comparison between the candidates and who I agree with.

My opinion of the political issues facing the United States as proposed by the candidates

Police Reform

Police Reform should be one of the many issues handled in the first one-hundred days of our new President’s term. The unrest and corruption are actions that do not belong in our police force. The criminal justice system needs revised. Since 1791 Americans have lost 20,789 officers killed in the line of duty (Law Enforcement Facts 1). To modernize this statistic, from 2004-2013 an average of 151 officers have died in the line of duty (Deaths,
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