My First Field Experience At Milton Union High School

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Ellyn Shellhaas Syllabi Paper I am new to the profession of education, but where I lack in experience I make up for it when it comes to my enthusiasm and willingness to learn more. My first field experience was at Milton Union high school, and it was also the most scared I’ve ever been in the classroom. However, when I went to Stivers School for the Arts things got even better—I felt more prepared. This year I’m back at Stivers and so far everything has been good, and I really enjoy working with my cooperating teacher. This year will be a test of my endurance and capabilities. I am up to the challenge to work with students who are linguistically diverse, even though I know it might be difficult at times. Studying Spanish for six years half in high school and college have given me an idea of how disorienting it is to not understand the language. Not only is it disorienting it is also very challenging, because languages are all unique in vocabulary and grammar structure. These experiences will become of aid to me when I’m working with ESL students in the classroom. One thing that I am excited about in the syllabi is the Socratic Seminars on page three. We will be having one seminar each time we meet for class over the readings that we had for homework the previous week. I am excited for these seminars, because I appreciate the opportunity to be able to discuss with my peers about what I am reading. It gives me a time to ask questions for further clarification, or to share

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