My First Generation College Student

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I come from a low-income family with a household of eight people. I have my dad, my six siblings, and my mother passed away a few years ago. As a first-generation college student I felt so many emotions. I came from a high school that didn’t prepare me for college courses and that became a problem. What made it worse was that my dad didn’t go to college, so I couldn’t go to him for help. I was scared, depressed, unprepared, I was doing everything on my own. I also felt like I didn’t belong because I believed I wasn’t as smart as the other students or “rich” enough. When I first arrived at UC Davis, I was immediately intimidated. All of the other students seemed so educated and professional and I just compared myself to them without even getting to know them. Let me tell you, getting here wasn’t easy and I know it wasn’t easy for you either, so feel accomplished. You made it! Now that you’re in UC Davis, you will be expected to work hard. Times may get rough, but just remember that help is out there. Take advantage and don’t be afraid or ashamed to seek help.
Resources play a huge role on this campus; it’s what helps students succeed. There are so many available. All you have to do is use them. Some academic resources are office hours, tutoring, and TA’s. Office hours are offered by instructors. Its time they set aside to help students in need. They drop whatever they’re doing and focus on you and the rest of the students that might drop by. Most students attend office
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