My First Goal As A Man Of Value

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My whole life I have always wanted to be a man of success and a man of value. I had many goals when I was young, and two of those goals are very dear to me. My first goal was to become a successful entrepreneur like my father. And second goal was to come to America and get an education from any university here, which I am currently working on. From my parents, I learned that I needed education in order for me to succeed throughout life. Since I was a very young man I have always valued and tried to get the best education there is. I come from a very strong business family, I have always focused my interest for my career in marketing and advertising. My father owns his own company, and he is constantly traveling and I am a person who love traveling, which inspires me to follow that path.
Since I was young, I have been learning new things. These lessons were formal as found in academic studies, and I had jobs, through those jobs I had additional training, personal learning, and in the pursuit of my own interest and hobbies. Despite on where or how I got knowledge, how we approach learning is very different to each individual based on learning styles. As very different individuals we all learn differently. Some people learn by actually touching the subject, some by hearing, and some seeing. Through this paper I will talk about my personal reflection of my learning style. Through the essay I will talk about my strength and my weaknesses and talk about some opportunities…
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