My First Grade Classroom At A Title 1 Elementary School

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For my assignment, I observed a 5th grade classroom at a Title 1 Elementary School. It was 1:30 pm. on a Thursday in mid-September, and they had just come back inside from recess. There were 21 students in the class. Classroom rules and expectations were clearly displayed inside the doorway. The students’ desks were arranged in clusters of 4. Some children, seemingly those with behavioral issues, were isolated and sat at single desks located at the back of the room. Students were scrambling around to grab their white board and markers and get ready for their math lesson. The teacher gave them a countdown to get settled down and back to their desks. The students had been learning how to add and subtract with decimals. She made them aware that this math lesson was going to be a continuation of that, but this time with money. The students seemed to be excited about that. The teacher turned on an overhead, where she had several word problems. She read one problem at a time aloud. A timer was set for the students to work their problem out on their white board. When the timer sounded, the students all raised their white board to display their answer to the teacher. The teacher provided the correct answer and called on one student to explain how to solve the problem. She reminded the rest of the class to pay attention to the student so that they can understand how to work the problem. Most students were respectful and listened. While sitting in the back of the room, watching
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