My First Grade Classroom At Tatnuck Magnet Elementary School

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I spent five hours observing a classroom but it felt like spending time in a new world. I observed a first grade classroom at Tatnuck Magnet Elementary School in Worcester, Massachusetts. This was my first opportunity to watch and comprehend a classroom environment with a teacher’s mindset. It was an eye opening experience, I was beginning to see the classroom in components: teaching methods, lesson plans, philosophies, and common core requirements. Listening for how to give directions rather than follow them is just one example of my changed focus while in the classroom. Due to my schedule, I observed the first grade class on three separate days during the morning to afternoon part of the school day. There were roughly fifteen students, a diverse group which included various ethnicities and personalities. I feel that I was lucky in being assigned this class because it was extremely dynamic and I got to witness many activities and strategies in a couple hours. Throughout this observation report I will most likely quote phrases the teacher said as I found them to be key tools when dealing with a situation. For the purpose of maintaining confidentiality in this report, I will change the teacher’s name to Ms. Mallard and also create names for any students mentioned hereafter. Firstly, the actual classroom setting was filled with materials and vibrantly colored. One wall was made up of windows with shelving space all along the lower half. The windows let in wonderful

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