My First Hearer Analysis

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Having immersed yourself in the text as a biblical, historical, and literary document, how do you think it felt to be one of the first hearers of the text in that situation?

As one that might have belonged to the Jewish faith tradition, I would have felt very humbled being one of Abraham’s descendants. I would have prayed saying “the God of Abraham, bless me, the way you blessed him.”

d. How much of the feeling of the first hearers would you like to relay to your congregation?

In the contemporary context, it would be very challenging to implement one’s theological understanding and faith on someone. That would be very unfair. However, I would encourage my first hearers to be open to hearing God speak in different ways so that we can experience new opportunities to be blessed and be a source of blessing to others.

e. Use your imagination to connect the text with art, nature, events, people, literature, or other elements that allow you to connect the text with the present. Identify at least three elements that help to bring the text to life.

I can think of myself sitting down and writing a poem based on Genesis 12:1-4. I am using the three voices of poetry to compose my piece that can be narrated, sung and also performed.
7. Contextually Interpret the Text:

a. What topics or
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He was called to build a home, at all places on his way to the chosen place that God did not name. In a similar manner, the church as a congregation can be open to welcoming the immigrants and be a home to them. On another level, the church can intentionally participate in a dialogue with the church members that come from diverse backgrounds, to better understand how together they can work better on PADS ministry and make the homeless people feel loved, received and children of
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