My First Impression Of Bafa Bafa After Hearing The Rules

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Bafa Bafa Reflection My first impression of Bafa Bafa after hearing the rules was that it would be an enjoyable class activity. Little did I know, that the activity would go much deeper than just being a class activity. Bafa Bafa simulates the human interactions in the world as we know it. It teaches a lesson of diversities and miscommunications between them. It permits everyone and anyone to experience the notion of being "foreign" or an "outcast". In Bafa Bafa, I was a part of the Alpha culture. In order to collaborate with my classmates, I had to dim my strong feminist attitude in order to play along in the patriarch culture. I wasn 't particularly phased by the close proximity and close contact interactions as these were already engrained in me. I quickly realized that a connection was forming between the students that were forming the Alpha culture. Whether this was due to close interactions or passion of playing an act, I do not know, but the feeling of membership was strong and present. The rules were even well tolerated and respected, as no deviants were actually really present in the group. I was observing and becoming part of an "in-group" mentality as referred to in Psychology. I was an Alpha and by God, I will play this game well and right to be a really good Alpha. My mentality went from being a class member of EDU 150 to being a member of culture Alpha. I also noticed a change in regards to culture Beta, my other classmates from EDU 150. When presented at

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