My First International Conference On Innovation And Outsourcing

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My First International Conference on Innovation and Outsourcing in Emerging Markets
I had an opportunity to witness Infosys Technologies’ (India’s second largest IT sector) International conference on the topic “Innovation and Outsourcing in Emerging Markets”. Some of the speakers were very experienced in the R&D department. The conference was headed by a panel of three members. They were Dr. Ajay, Dr. Srinivas and Dr. Rajiv. Dr. Ajay and Dr. Rajiv were Senior Research Analysts in R&D Planning and Operations department of Infosys. The objective of this conference was to demonstrate and discuss the latest ideas in Service Innovations that are driving the government and industries in delivering the services in Emerging Markets.
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The spokesperson said that there are two major aspects that drive innovation in an organization. They were Emerging Market, Peer-Competition. I agree to him, but I also would like to add one other important aspect to the list i.e. Encourage Creative Thinking within the organization. It is because of the continuously evolving Market and consumer requirements, organizations are forced to innovate. Creativity is exploring the capability of one’s mind and to bring about new ideas which eventually leads to an innovation. This is the case with companies like Microsoft that introduced Windows 7 and Apple that introduced iPod. Apple and Windows encourages employees to be creative, collects ideas, and tries to implement those ideas into innovation as and when possible.
HP Acquires Compaq Case – Competitive Considerations
As discussed in our lecture, development of new technology is impeded without sufficient and appropriate support in intensity of competition. Fear of losing to a competitor led Hewlett-Packard acquire a peer company like Compaq. Carly Fiorina, after becoming the Chief Executive of HP believed that HP had become sluggish and less productive over the years. She decided to merge HP and Compaq. Both HP and Compaq suffered risks like, unable to cater to
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