My First Interview On My Father Jimmy Lee Riley

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e I decided to do my second interview on my Grandfather Jimmy Lee Riley .He was born August 17.1947 in Macon Georgia.I choose him as my second interviee because i was interested to learn more about his background and what challenges did he face in the past. The interview consisted of a few questions that explained his childhood,prior experiences with discrimination,and perceptions about today.
We started off the interview with a brief description of who he was and what the term discrimination meant to him.Jimmy Riley is a successful African American business owner ,a roofing contractor, and a courageous man of god. he defined the term discrimination as an unfair treatment or judgement based on a person or person race ,age ,gender,age,or religious beliefs. He described his childhood as very hard but full of memories that will last him a lifetime.Growing up in a time period where a lot of of history was made in america can be life changing He grew up in a predominately black suburban neighborhood located on the south side of macon..he described the area as peaceful compared to the way it is now 20-30 years later.Now Drugs and violence are major issue that are turning peaceful safe communities into dangerous ghettos.
I moved along to ask about what history took place and how these events were significant He elaborated on powerful topics such as segregation within public places,the civil rights movement,and social reform.Three main events that stood out the most were in May 17,

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