My First Job At A New High School Graduate

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However, with this new job I would be away from home months at a time. I lived alone, which means that I had to take care of everything; cooking, cleaning, laundry and anything else that was necessary. At this tender age, I learnt the responsibilities of life as my parents usually take care of everything for me. My first job was in a call centre which required that we work individually selling telephone and internet services but together as a team to achieve the company goals. This job developed my communication boundaries and it taught me the necessary skills to work as a team. Making sales required excellent customer service skills, being able to think on the spot and having excellent phone etiquette. I had to develop and adapt to these skills in a short period of time as I was a new high school graduate. This job taught me the importance of leadership, I was never promoted to a leadership role at this job. However, I helped our team leader motivate the group to perform to the best of their abilities. My bubbly personality, words of inspiration and my ability to perform above par usually helps the team achieve the goals that are set. As a result, once I was seasoned in the job the team leader often sends the new recruits to me for training and shadowing. I worked at this company for 3 years and the useful set of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills I gained became extremely helpful in my later jobs. A few years later, I was hired as an accounting clerk at a firm. I was
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