My First Journal Entry

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Hi, I’m Jeremy, this is my first journal entry, and it might be my last.. My friends and I explored an abandoned building we thought was just a mall, but it was much more than that. Cole dropped me off in front of the middle of this abandoned mall, in the middle of nowhere.. It took us about an hour to get here if I can remember it right, but overall it was sketchy at first but it’s all good.. It’ll be fun? Right? Jeremy - ¨So uh, you guys sure you want to do this? I can hear some eerie noises in there, I'll do it though if you guys really want to.¨ So of course, they agreed, got out of the car, and came over to the front of the mall with a boarded up entrance with a human sized crawl space with broken wood and glass covering the floors.. Just to get into the abandoned mall we thought that we were ready to explore.…show more content…
Jeremy & Bob - ¨Woah.. You guys hear that? Chris - “Yeah, we did what is that…? I think I’m talking for everyone in the group here, but, I’m scared..” Jeremy - “You’re right haha, it’s okay guys, we’re just imagining things.” The group nods. After, we went even farther into the mall, for some reason, it was a bad idea, but we’re just teenagers looking for fun.. We didn’t think of what could happen if we found people… Bob - “Where even are we?” Jeremy - “I honestly don’t know.. I didn’t expect us to go this far in to be honest..” Bob - “I didn’t expect it either, let’s just keep going, this is fun!” Jeremy - “Yeah.. sure.” *The boys, after exploring for about 30 minutes farther, decided to go back, after seeing a dead animal’s
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