My First Journey By Thomas Nagel

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Our first journey.
Probably the best introduction to the world of Philosophy is to think about the most important questions of it. As if suddenly we wake up, and opening our eyes to a new kind of questionable reality, What it all matters, from Thomas Nagel, makes a change into our perspectives and way of seen life.
The distinguished author, who´s brilliant career has been developed on the most important Universities, such as Harvard, Cornell and Oxford. This outstanding work involves the student into the beginning of a universe of inquiry. On that way, Nagel sets the student in front of the central problems of philosophy, as an invitation to grow intellectually and to search and question always the truth and the reality.
In the text, nine
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How much of free will do we have above the determined things in our lives? And finally, what is the true meaning of life?
The uncognoscible reality. Everything we experience, from the moment we wake up, and even while we are still sleeping, are stimulus being processed by our own brain. Human beings do not have any other mean to cognosce the environment that surrounds them. Similarly, a person can only obtain with a certain precision the reflection of what exist outside his or her mind. If we accept that statement as truth, then how sure can anyone be of his or her personal perception of the world? Obviously, no one perceives the world exactly the same (i.e.: females tend to possess a more extended palette of visible colors). In his book, Nagel present before us a variety of questions related whit this logic. He tries to explain several problems that we can face when trying to prove that what we perceive about the world actually exists. First, he introduce us a radical view related with these questions called solipsism, which is the belief that our mind is the only thing that exist. The strongest argument of this view is that we cannot prove that our perception is an effect of reality, making possible the idea that is exactly the opposite, and what we call reality is indeed the projection of our own mind. This problem will persist as long as an entity that can only obtain a fragment of all that actually exists question itself about if
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