My First Language Is A Treasure That Will Follow Its Owner Everywhere Essay

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“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”- Chinese Proverbs. English isn 't my first language; my first language is Spanish. I had that fire in my heart to learn to read and write in English so I can succeed in this amazing country I and my family immigrated too. My Journey to become literate in reading and writing was tough, and there were times I wanted to give up and go back to Mexico. It challenged me from preschool all the way to the fourth grade. To this day i am still advancing in my skills of literacy. With the proper mindset of working hard, keeping my attitude high, and never letting my challenges overcome me, I can accomplish the impossible. That is the true key to success. Coming to this country was a lot of hard work especially when I can’t read or write the English language. In order to speak a new language I need to become literate at it. That was the most challenging part for me to adjust to. I started to learn to read and write when I was in preschool. It didn’t help that I was a shy guy. At some point my peers though that I was deaf. The teacher knew wear was actually going on though. With their moral support they gave me the motivation to work even harder than I was before. I remember the alphabet was the first I ever learned, It took me about two weeks to learn it. From that point on I learned simple words such as; the, dog, cat, eat. Working hard enough I managed to outwit my peers. Life isn’t life without its challenges.

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