My First Love Taught Me Many Lessons

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My first Love taught me many lessons. It taught me what to take from a guy and when it’s time for me to leave. My first time being in love or what I thought what was love opened my third eye and showed me what the saying “a fool in love’’ really means. It helped me discover myself in more ways than one and how love can really change a person. It changed the way I view men, the way I view love and how naive I really was. My first love also taught me not to believe everything that sounds and seems good because even the devil was a beautiful angel at one point and now he is promised an eternity in hell. Even though love hurt me in every way possible, it taught me valuable lessons that I can reference to and when I do have the opportunity to put love into someone else, I will no longer be the “ fool in love.’’ It was on December 28, 2014 when I met the one that captured my heart. At the time, he was a breath of fresh air and at that moment, I believed that he was the one. His name was Shon. He had the typical boyfriend name, the beautiful hazel eyes, the perfect smile, and the charm that will give you tingles from head to toe. He was my first “true love,” my first of many things. Shon was perfect in every way and anything he said or did mesmerized me. Shon’s charms were like drugs, I couldn’t get enough of him, and I overdosed every time. Slowly these effects took a toll on me and the love that I had for him began to blind me from the reality of who he truly was. I was so
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