My First Memories Of A Small Town In My Life

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It was lonely, I day i was born. The town I was born into was plain but It worked like a clock. Something is marvelous about living in a small town. No one is in a hurry. Everything is Peaceful and everyone respects each other. It just a small town stuck in the middle of nowhere. The Houses sit side by side next to each other in perfect Alignment. There is something special about this town. Its simple but so complex. My First memories are of my caring parents raising me when i was too young to sustain myself. The memories are fragmented but i can still remember some of them like when I saw my parents face. My parents worked day and night to feed and care for me. At that time i didn't appreciate it, but as i got older i understood that sacrifices they made for me. My toddler years where just like any other. Sitting and moping around being watched like a hawk from my caretaker. When i was 3 my first sister was born. It brought light to my somewhat dull life. It was great for a while having someone else to love. But the older she got the less attention as toys i got. As every young kid wanted every new thing. I couldn't get them all because the money had to be split evenly. This sucked but my parents at the time didn't have a pile of cash laying around. This made me upset. My parents told me you can't have everything. Of course i got grumpy but later in my life i would understand. My young childhood was kinda lonely till school started. Never did much more than a road
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