My First Memory From Childhood

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1. What is your first memory from your childhood?
The first memory my grandfather had from his childhood was with his Mom sitting on their porch looking at the sun going down. He said, “That was the most peaceful and favorite memory of his childhood”. His mother played a key role in his life, everything she taught he used in life. As a child he stayed close to his mom because no matter what was going on around him in his environment he felt safe. That’s the reason it’s one of his favorite memories is sitting watching the sunset with his mom. Even though, she’s not here the sunset always reminds him of the memories he shared with her.
2. What is your most vivid historical memory?
When he moved to America in the 1970s where he found his home in Bronx, New York. One event that he could remember was a time where a serial killer named Son of Sam was on a brutal killing spree. He had gotten a job as a cab driver in the city and it was a terrifying time because everybody felt vulnerable until he was arrested.
3. What did your parents make you do that you hated doing?
He was the only boy in the family growing up, so he did most of the hard labor go catch chickens and cut and clean them for dinner. He didn’t like that he said very exhausting after a long hot day. He also had to learn how to repair things such as if the roof was leaking from rain he would have to figure out a way to stop it from flooding inside his home in Jamaica.
4. What did you use to do in the evening?
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