My First Memory Of A Writing

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My first memory of a writing I was proud of was in the fourth grade with my teacher Mrs. McCoy. It was a short story on a personal experience in my life and I talked very passionately about a time where my dog ran away when I went on a trip at Pismo Beach in California. After that not many classes developed me quite like my classes in high school did. My first exposure to an English that engaged me was in freshman year of high school, and every class after that developed me as a writer even further. English one with, Mrs. Kerr, and English two, with Mr. Romeis, were my first real times having a writing class, middle school English is pretty simple compared to these classes. Over the two years I had to do multiple essays on themes of various books. One on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, one on Night by Elie Wiesel, and one on Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. All of these essays helped me by refining the basics of paragraph structure and other things like what exactly is thesis statement. The first essay that I had that wasn’t as simple as the previous ones was about a controversial topic, I chose to do mine on genetic engineering. Genetic engineering was something I was very passionate about at the time and this was the first time I had an essay about a topic that really intrigued me, which made me try much harder than I ever did. This was a very defining point in my writing experiences big because it showed me that writing can actually be interesting and not
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