My First Military Institute At Fort Sam Houston

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Today’s Heroes
When I was 14 years old I toured my first Military Institute at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. I witness first hand American Troops returning from Desert Storm with numerous life threatening injuries sustained during combat. Troops who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country 's freedom. I recall asking myself “What is a hero? And what it symbolizes in our modern world?” and “What does a hero look like?”, my vision of a hero as a kid included a cartoon character with superpowers wearing a cape, Instead as I stared at a young Army Sergeant, burned beyond recognition sitting on wheelchair, unable to walk as he lost both limbs while in combat, That is when I recall asking myself again, “What is a hero?” The term hero comes from the Ancient Greeks, for them a man of great strength and courage favored by the gods and in part descended from them, often regarded as a demigod and worshiped after his death. Despite decades of envisioning a hero as a cartoon figure such as Batman, Superman and Spiderman, my heroes wear desert camouflage BDU’s. Although in the vision of some, a hero may be inspiring weather it to be oneself or to others, A hero is a person who saves lives. My vision of a hero intel 's of both qualities in addition to bravery and courage which may have been someone who saves lives or puts their own life on the line to save another, the definition of a hero may be different in someone else 's visions. Personal athlete or famous

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