My First Pair Of Shoes

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I’ve been into shoes since the day I was born, literately. My uncle bought me my first pair of shoes the same day I escaped my mother’s womb. They were the “Cherry” Air Jordan 12s, and to this day I still have them in mint condition. I love those shoes so much I ride around with them on my rear view mirror. These shoes are important to me because, they make feel loved, they gave my first sense of style, and they remind me of my uncle. To one baby shoes might not mean anything at all. In fact, if you found your baby shoes in a box you might even throw them away. When I found my baby shoes my face lit up like light bulbs on Christmas. Out the box came little red and white shoes about the size of the palm of my hand. At that moment I had never felt so loved, because for thirteen years my mom kept my very first pair of shoes.
When my mom told me who bought the shoes for me I felt loved even more. She told me my uncle Cedric bought the shoes for me. Can you imagine how much you have to love someone to buy them the newest pair of shoes and you haven’t even met them yet? When I found the shoes that day is when I started to develop my own style of how I dress today.
During an over the phone interview with my uncle Cedric Adams, I asked, “Why did you buy me shoes that were that expensive before I was even born?” My uncle replied, “ Well nephew I was there for most of your mom’s pregnancy. I took care of her; so technically I was taking care of you before you could even take care of
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